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Private Client Business serves individuals and groups with a significant measure of success in each of their lifecycles. Success mostly is associated with higher income potentials. For those successful, preservation and growth of earned income poses challenges.

The Private Client Business is a process based approach for accumulating, protecting and growing our private clients' wealth. Some of the key offerings are:
Portfolio Advisory today, is a full time engagement. It is no longer restricted to monthly reports and random checks. And rightly so, a good wealth management consultant could help you achieve your personal and professional financial goals by directing you in making the right investment choices, ensuring timely response to changing markets and constantly monitoring your portfolios. A relationship manager from Capricorne Mindframe undergoes rigorous training and accreditation process and leads the industry in professional qualifications.

Our clients have all the reason to feel confident that the advices we provide are results of proven research and insightful strategies put into practice.
Our comprehensive range of innovative wealth management product solutions include risk management services, equity advisory, portfolio management services, mutual funds, structured products, real estate, art advisory, tax and succession planning.
Our Wealth Managers look for opportunities in changing markets, stay abreast of economic and political developments in providing insightful advice to our clients. Our clients have access to research analyst teams from across the country, who covers macroeconomic trends, equities, fixed-income securities, asset allocation strategies, and global financial developments.

Financial Advisory Business addresses individuals and groups seeking to grow wealth systematically. Strong financial assistance is a requisite for those who believe in working hard for money, not understanding how much money could work hard for them.

Some of the key offerings of the Financial Advisory Business are:
Financial planning plays an important role in ensuring fulfillment of needs. Investing for the future, preserving and growing your asset base and the strategies you need to undertake to meet your financial goals (both long and short term) are the core of Financial Planning. Financial goals can range from buying a home, saving for children's education, planning for retirement or just plain wealth creation and management. With a solid financial plan in place, you can adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that your goals remain on track. We believe in a 4 stage financial planning process.
The 4 Stage Process to Investing
Capricorne Mindframe Customer Profiling
  Understand and evaluate Client’s risk appetite
Capricorne Mindframe Portfolio Allocation
  Based on risk profile, allocate investments across asset classes
Capricorne Mindframe Product Selection
  Chose products according to Client’s risk profile
Capricorne Mindframe Portfolio Review
  Initiate periodic portfolio reviews
We believe that the key to a successful investment relationship is a complete understanding of not just your short and long term financial goals but also existing investments. A clear and accurate solution cannot be arrived without understanding existing investments and portfolios. We believe that Investment Management is also about suggesting tailor made portfolios with a tab on up to date political and economical environment.
We believe in offering our clients variety to ensure freedom to celebrate the wealth journey with us. While risk management products, and a list of products are in the offering, we also offer direct equity and realty propositions proportionately.

Our strategic partnerships ensure our strong presence in the property business with over 70 tie-ups with leading builders and promoters in Chennai.

Equity / broking business also enable us to offer lucrative investment options for discerning clients with over 7 account options with high accuracy on calls.


Clients may expect the best when it comes to investments. An investment commitment can be honoured only when you partner with the best. A compromise on working with the best can cost you and your clients dearly.

Are you:

An existing investment advisor looking to grow your business in a professional and independent manner
An individual who has the entrepreneurial drive and discipline to build and run your own financial planning and wealth advisory business
Confident about leveraging your contacts/ relationships with high Net worth individuals and earn an additional income
Then join us in offering meaningful and comprehensive solutions to growing wealth. We have two affiliate businesses to offer you:
Ambitious advisors who want to build independent businesses by being a channel partner with Capricorne Mindframe can chose this option. Here you have an independent practice in terms of office location, staff, managing office administration and more with a comprehensive range of financial planning and wealth advisory solutions along with generous payout options as well.
An independent advisor who can leverage contacts/ relationships to earn a fee income can opt for this programme. Capricorne Mindframe would provide the financial arm right from the beginning of the relationship. Ideally suited for people who wish to earn additional income without necessarily disrupting their existing occupation
Please write to us , if interested.
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